Day 2 – Thursday March 1, 2012 Buenos Aires to Oncativo (Cordoba province)

This was the official start of the trip as we flew in the afternoon from Buenos Aires to Cordoba (the second largest city in Argentina with around 1.2 million people) The flight of 700km took us initially along the La Plata River and then the Parana River, the major river in Argentina (pictured above). The most outstanding features of these rivers apart from their size was their colour - brown - carrying a huge amount of silt to the Indian Ocean. . .

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Delay in reports from Argentina

Due to internet connection issues, reports from Neville Gould's tour of Argentina are unable to be posted at this stage. We hope to bring you updates as soon as possible. . .

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New releases a feature of 2012 Conservation Agriculture Field Day

Three new machinery releases were a stand-out feature of the 2012 Conservation Agriculture Field Day held at Parkes on 23 February. They were all single disc units - from NDF Disc Planters (NSW), Milne Industries (Qld) and Grizzly Engineering (Vic). . .

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Farm performance 2007-08 to 2009-10

 I recently was forwarded a very informative report written by Roger Crook, former Manager of ICI. The whole article ( is worth reading but I bring your attention to a particular part of the report which really grabbed my attention. . .

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