As part of the Advanced Seeding Systems project, the first germination count of adzuki beans was carried out on at “Raymond Hill”, Dubbo, on January 30.  They were planted on January 20. Random samples were taken of plants per lineal metre, for both the disc seeder and the precision seeder.

The results show the germination count from the disc seeder ranged from nine (9) plants per lineal metre to 26 plants per lineal metre. In comparison, the precision seeder ranged from nine (9) plants per lineal metre to 16 plants per lineal metre.

The germination of the plants from the precision planter were observed to be more uniform in spacing and growth, which should allow for a more even crop canopy, helping to suppress weed competition. It is also anticipated that the crop will be more efficient at utilising nutrients from the soil, rather than leaving them for weeds to use - further reducing competition.

10.30am, Wednesday, 4 March 2015
"Raymond Hill", about 3km along Benolong Road, Dubbo
For farmers, consultants and other interested parties to inspect the trial
For more information call John Shepherd on 0414 661 445