On January 20, Adzuki beans were planted on the Macquarie River flats of the Taylor family’s “Raymond Hill” property, south of Dubbo, at 7.5” spacings using a modified John Deere precision planter with fluted disc openers. This trial is part of CANFA's Advanced Seeding Systems project - an Australian Government Innovation Grant project.

Veteran soil specialists, John Lawrie and Ian Packer are monitoring the site over the next 90 days, reporting the results to Rural Directions.

There’ll be a field day to look at germination in mid February, and then it’ll be harvested mid April when yields will be tested.

The planter was fitted with equipment from Precision Seeding Solutions at Premer. David McGavin explains what the planter was equipped with.

"The Taylor's JD planter was retrofitted with eSet® vaccum meters to the existing JD meters. A Keeton® Seed Firmer was added to put the liquid out, and we’ve put WaveVision® seed sensors on there to give an accurate reading. They’re not susceptible to dust and they will count doubles.

"We also fitted a 20/20 SeedSense® monitor in the cab with field view to count the skips, doubles and accurate population, and we’ve fitted field view – an iPad app that will send information about singulation, spacings, the speed, the downforce contact to the cloud.
AT RIGHT: CANFA's Project Manager, John Shepherd with John Lawrie and Ian Packer (photo: KV Goldsmith). AT LEFT: CANFA Project Manager, John Shepherd speaks with Precision Seeding Solutions' David McGavin (photo: GG Porteous).

"We're hoping to space the seeds at 50mm (5cm) and hopefully if the germination is alright we can space those seeds out evenly and get rid of some doubles and see a yield increase. I think we’re going to use less seed, so we’ll see seed savings.

"We did some Faba bean trials with a farmer that saw a 6% yield increase but a 30% seed saving."

The results from the app are updated very 2.5 minutes.